Rule 2


Section 6

Requirements for Artificial Insemination Using Imported Semen

Semen may be imported into the United Arab Emirates prior to being inseminated into a mare and foals resulting from the use of such semen may be eligible for registration under Section 1 of this Rule if the following requirements are met:

a) A Transported-Stored Semen Registration Application, on a form provided by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (Appendix ), has been completed, signed by the appropriate recorded owner (or by his or her representative) and filed with the Registry.

b) The Transported-Stored Semen should comply with the health guidelines of imported semen adopted by the UAE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

c) The semen is collected within and is imported from a source country currently approved by WAHO.

d) The stallion (sire) is listed in the stud book or annual supplement to the stud book of the source country.

e) The stallion owner has complied with the appropriate rules concerning the transport and use of semen exported from the source country.

f) A WAHO Semen Collection Report must be completed and sent with each inseminate. Details of the owner of the stallion, collection date, name and registration number of the stallion along with the name and registration number of the mare who is to receive the inseminate must be sent to the stallion owner's registry authority. Mare owners must also complete the Insemination Report section detailing the owner of the mare, the name and number of the mare, along with the date of insemination. A copy of this report must be sent to the mare owner's registering authority. This is a four part form which is available from the WAHO Office (see Appendix ).