Rule 2


Section 3

 Requirements and Procedures for the Registration of Imported Horses

A horse imported into the United Arab Emirates may be registered if the following requirements are met:

a) The animal is a purebred Arabian imported from an acceptable source as defined by WAHO.

b) An Application for Registration, on a form provided by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (Appendix ), has been completed, signed by the importer and filed with the Registry.

c) The importer or the export registry has provided the EAHS with the original foreign certificate of registration or passport (see section 12).

d) The WAHO export certificate has been provided to the EAHS by the foreign source Registry.

e) The sire and dam of the imported horse are listed in the stud book or annual supplement to the stud book of the original foreign source Registry.

f) The horse and/or its documents have been inspected by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society and its identifying description agrees with that shown on the foreign registration documents and export certificate.

g) The blood type of the subject horse has been placed on permanent record with the EAHS. The EAHS reserves the right to do blood typing for identification purposes.

h) The import registration fee has been paid.