Rule 2


Section 10 &11

Certificate of Registration

The original Certificate of Registration will be produced in Arabic and/or English and issued in the name of the recorded owner of the dam at the time of foaling and will display the breeder to be the recorded owner at the time the dam was bred. The Registration Certificate includes the name of the registered horse, the registration number, the date of birth, the extended pedigree and notification that the horse was blood typed and/or parentage verified.

A Certificate of Registration is a certification of information contained in the records of the Emirates Arabian Horse Society. It will be issued either:

separately with the Identification Diagram of the horse (as per Section 11) or

will be produced as a binded document in the Passport (as per Section 12/b/ii).

 UAE Arabian Horse Passport

The UAE Arabian Horse Passport contains the Registration Certificate to facilitate the passage of the horse and should accompany it locally and/or across the national boundaries. The UAE Arabian Horse Passport is valid for the duration of the horse's life. When a passport is issued for a horse less than two years old, the Registry will re-verify the identification when the horse reaches the age of two years.

Detailed contents of the UAE Arabian Horse Passport:

a) The Original Certificate of Registration: (as per Section 10).

b) The Identification Section: contains the printed description and drawings of the horse as follows (Appendix ):

It's coat color.

all markings and any other marks of identity, in accordance with the standard adopted by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society.

The Identification Section has to be completed, stamped and signed by an authorized personnel designated by the Emirates Arabian Horse Society.

c) The Health Section: contains the records of all vaccinations and lab tests.

d) Also included in the UAE Arabian Horse Passports are sections for the identification control, official endorsements (e.g. Customs, border control).